YouTube Vanced was discontinued due to legal issues, leaving many users without their preferred streaming platform. However, we have released the official YouTube ReVanced APK as an alternative for those affected by the discontinuation. The ReVanced MicroG APK is an updated version of the original microG that allows users to access YouTube premium services without needing a Google account. It also allows users to log in to their YouTube account without compromising security, and provides additional modified settings to enhance the streaming experience. This ReVanced alternative offers the same freedom and intuitive features as the original microG.


Anti Ban

Google does not tolerate the use of third-party APIs on its platforms, such as Google Play Services, and may suspend accounts that are detected using them. The company encourages users to pay for a premium version to remove ads on their platform. However, the ReVanced MicroG APK has built-in anti-ban features that protect your account from being detected by servers while using the app, greatly reducing the chance of suspension and allowing for free, unrestricted access to advanced features not available in the basic version.

Login with Google Account

The YouTube ReVanced APK allows users to stream videos without ads or sponsor segments, as well as access other premium features for free, without the need to log in with a Google account. However, some features such as accessing liked videos, saved content, subscribed channels, and other YouTube preferences require a Google account. The official version of ReVanced MicroG allows users to log in to their Google account while still enjoying the benefits of customized settings and features.

Privacy Packed

Unlike Google Play Services, microG does not track your activities or location on your device, giving users the freedom to use the app without risking their data. Additionally, microG allows users to easily change specific API settings without affecting their streaming experience.